Trigger cone / sensor cushion for DIY e-drum trigger pads


The original from R-DRUMS:  Best triggering results and extra long life.


Ideal for building your own electronic drums or as a spare part.


Cut from solid material using a CNC water jet machine, no glued layers.


Made from a special foam with special spring properties with extremely short recovery times and great resilience to overload.


Inclusive adhesive sheet dot.


Height = 36.5 mm (+/-1)

Diameter bottom = 36 mm (+/-1)

Diameter tip = 8.5 mm (+/-1)



 The R-DRUMS trigger cone has a long service life, is particularly precise in transmission and offers a high restoring force thanks to its shape memory. It can be easily stuck onto the piezo trigger using the adhesive film provided.

Made of special foam with high restoring force

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