Mesh Heads

R-DRUMS - PlugHead (black)
    6,3mm jack plug bottom head (female/male)   With this solution, you can easily connect your internal drum triggers without the need for physical changes to your drums. The installation is as easy as changing a ... (mehr lesen)
ab 59,35 € 1
R-DRUMS Mesh Head (1-ply)
good quality color: black single layer very quiet excellent trigger characteristics ballanced rebound   Various sizes: ... (mehr lesen)
ab 5,50 € 1
RIM-NOISE SILENCER PRO XL (various lengths)
  Various lengths from 100 cm to 500 cm   Robust rubber compound for long durability and precise triggering   L-cut profile with shortened inside for a precise fit on standard hoops (regular hoops) even with hi ... (mehr lesen)
ab 8,87 € 1