Base plate / for Monogon bass drum trigger
    With plug mandrel and two opposite mounting holes   Includes mounting screws, screw nuts and discs     With: 60 mm   Length: 105 mm   Hole spacing: 76 mm   ... (mehr lesen)
17,99 € 1
Cable management sticker set
  Stickers for the marking of cables, pads and module.   Round stickers for marking sockets Long strips for cables     ... (mehr lesen)
6,29 € 1
CYMPROTECT e-drum cleaner
  R-DRUMS CYMPROTECT   The ideal care product for e-drum pads and cymbals with rubber surfaces as well as rim noise silencers Cleans, seals, maintains and protects the rubber surfaces of electroni ... (mehr lesen)
11,90 € 1 11,90 € / 100ml
Dr. Keddo Protectolan - rubber cleaner & protector
  Unfortunately, the item is a discontinued product. The following link will take you to an equal replacement product: R-DRUMS CYMPROTECT     Dr. Keddo Protectolan - cleaner & protector for rubber e-drum pads, cymbals ... (mehr lesen)
14,90 € 1 14,90 € / 100ml
NIP - Noise-Isolating-Pad for e-drum platform
  NIP (noise-isolating-pad) are special foam pads for the construction of sound-decoupling e-drum platforms. Also electronic drums produce not to be underestimated noise in form of low-frequency sound which can continue through the en ... (mehr lesen)
ab 9,55 € 1
RIM-NOISE SILENCER PRO XL (various lengths)
  Various lengths from 100 cm to 500 cm   Robust rubber compound for long durability and precise triggering   L-cut profile with shortened inside for a precise fit on standard hoops (regular hoops) even with hi ... (mehr lesen)
ab 8,87 € 1
Rotation stopper for VH-11 and VH-10 hihat-control
    This rotation stopper for the VH-11/VH-10 hihat controller has been developed by R-DRUMS. It is used in place of the standard washer of the VH-11/VH-10. It can be placed onto a conventional hihat machine and prevents malfun ... (mehr lesen)
9,55 € 1
RTS II / RTB Spacer Kit
  Distance sleeves + longer screws for the installation of our RTS II and RTB trigger systems into metal drum shells or wooden shells with reinforcement rings.   Scope of delivery: one kit = two screws plus washers and space ... (mehr lesen)
ab 4,99 € 1