Cables & Adapters

Air vent adapter (female / male)
    Suitable for the installation into the air hole of a drum shell (after removing the eyelet)   Perfect accessory for our trigger systems and diy electronic drums.   6.3 mm female stereo jack (by Neutr ... (mehr lesen)
ab 31,69 € 1
Cable management sticker set
  Stickers for the marking of cables, pads and module.   Round stickers for marking sockets Long strips for cables     ... (mehr lesen)
6,29 € 1
R-DRUMS - PlugHead (black)
    6,3mm jack plug bottom head (female/male)   With this solution, you can easily connect your internal drum triggers without the need for physical changes to your drums. The installation is as easy as changing a ... (mehr lesen)
ab 59,35 € 1
Rean 6,3 mm jack female stereo (3-pin) by Neutrik
    6,3 mm metal jack female - stereo (3 pin) Long thread - diameter: 12 mm   Perfect for the installation into the air hole of a drum shell     ... (mehr lesen)
2,99 € 1