Electronic drum set - Stefan Drums


High-end custom e-drum shell set with unique design.

Precious wood veneers and high-quality high-gloss finish make this e-drums to a very special treat for the eyes. The luxurious look is completed by especially high quality hardware parts and multi-layer mesh heads. An in cooperation with R-DRUMS developed new trigger system guarantees best trigger properties with professional features such as position detection and head/rim detection (dual trigger technology).

Stephan Drums are designed with special attention to the upper class modules manufactured by Roland, but are compatible to any drum module and manufacturer (no rim triggering on Yamaha modules)

Stephan Drums are made by hand in Germany. Each set is unique, there will never exist a second one which look the same!



Dual Trigger technology and position detection on all tom and snare pads (corresponding drum module required)

Three-layer mesh heads and extra robust Rim silencers on all tom and snare pads

Double-layered Meshhead on Bass Drum

Multilayer high gloss finish

Multilayer interior painting

Exotic wood veneer


Scope of delivery
10" tom pad (2 pieces)

12" snare pad (2 pieces)

14" bass drum pad (1 piece)

The stands are not included!

Five piece pad set

1.999,00 €

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