RTS II drum trigger system (M4)


High-end drum trigger system for drummers with highest claims on function and quality.

What's new?

Integrated lockable 6.3mm jack by Neutrik

Improved "shockproof trigger cone"

Full length holes at the mounting brackets for more compatibility to different shell and lug designs

Suitable for wood as well as metal shells (for metal shells the metal kit is required: RTS/RTB Metal Kit)


This version is for M4 lug mounting screws


100% compatible with all Roland drum modules and many other manufacturers.

Dual Trigger Technology = Head & Rim

High precision trigger properties and extremely fine dynamic

Uniformly rim detection around the entire rim.

Positional sensing (Roland TD-8 / 10 / 12 / 20 / 20X / 25 / 30 / 50 only)

The trigger system is supplied completely pre-assembled.

Easy installation without soldering or drilling (drum shell remains in the original state and can be re converted for acoustic use at any time)

The trigger system is form-closed after installation, there are no forces acting to the lugs

Available for all common shell diameters and number of lugs (mounted with M4 screws)

Suitable for shell depths from 5.5" upwards





The first number in the name of the trigger system indicates the diameter and the second number the amount of mounting arms. The term M4 or M5 stands for the required diameter of the threads of the screws the lugs are attached to the shell.

Example: RTS II 1410 (M4) means it is suitable for shells with a diameter of 14" equipped with 10 tuning lugs which are mounted with screws whose threads have a diameter of 4mm.

If the crimp of a metal shell protudes to the inside, our trigger systems may won't fit inside and would have to be customized. Please ask us for a solution if this is the case.



>> Made in Germany <<

This item is produced to order. Production time to shipping depends on order situation.




Video tutorial (provisionally)


Provisionally manual (German)



Optional accessories:


Metal Kit


Air vent connector version 2







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