RIM-NOISE SILENCER PRO XL (various lengths)


Various lengths from 100 cm to 500 cm


Robust rubber compound for long durability and precise triggering


L-cut profile with shortened inside for a precise fit on standard hoops (regular hoops) even with higher head tension


Provides perfect trigger performance and optimum noise reduction

Our rim noise silencer is cleaned before shipping



Which length is needed for which diameter:

08" = approx. 68 cm
10" = approx. 83 cm
12" = approx. 99 cm
13" = approx. 106.5 cm
14" = approx. 114 cm
16" = approx. 130.5 cm

The information above is just a guideline to determine the approximate length you will need. The length may need to be adjusted individually in order to achieve the optimal fit for your hoops.

Tips & Recommendations:

It makes sense to cut a little more to length and then adjust, starting with the drum with the largest diameter (then you can use the piece for the next smaller diameter if you make a mistake).

To glue the ends together, special superglue for rubber is suitable. The cut edges to be glued should first be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and pre-treated with a primer before bonding.


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