NIP - Noise-Isolating-Pad for e-drum platform


NIP (noise-isolating-pad) are special foam pads for the construction of sound-decoupling e-drum platforms. Also electronic drums produce not to be underestimated noise in form of low-frequency sound which can continue through the entire building structure.

Our tip: Just buy a 23 mm thick (or stronger) multilayer wood plate (for example phenolic plywood) from the hardware store and equip the bottom with the required number of NIP pads (according to the total weight of the wooden plate + carpet + drum kit + drummer). When positioning the NIP pads, ensure that the weight on the platform is spread evenly over the individual NIP pads. At spots which are heavily loaded (for example, sitting position) it is advisable to increase the number of NIP pads on a smaller area (See example image. For a larger display, simply right-click and open the image in a new tab).



Technical characteristics:


Material: Sylomer


Measurements: 13 x 13 x 2,5 cm

Recommended load per pad: 19 Kg

(To calculate the required number of pads, simply divide the total load in kilograms by 19)

Efficiency: Impact sound insulation up to 90% at 50 Hz / When two pads are stacked together, the efficiency is increased up to 99% at 50 Hz or respectively 69% at 10 Hz.

Optional with or without adhesive layer

One unit = 1 piece NIP (13x13x2.5 cm)


> click here to access a construction report for a noise isolating platform <



One unit = 1 piece (13x13x2.5 cm)

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