Dual trigger set (trigger cone pro + rim piezo)



Extra high sampling rate > perfect for positional sensing

This set consists of the complete trigger electronics for a dual trigger pad (2 zones) with positional sensing function (incl. adhesive dots for easy assembly).

The R-DRUMS TRIGGER CONE  PRO is extremely fast and precise thanks to its extra high sampling rate. It offers best performance at almost all drum modules of the major brands and provides super accurate dynamics and excellent positional sensing. The special RIM TRIGGER responds very sensitively and accurately.


The dual trigger set is completely pre-assembled and ready for installation.





Diameter (tip): 8.5 mm (+/-1)
Diameter (bottom): 37 mm (+/-1)
Height: 38.5 mm (+/-1)


Length of the strands of the trigger cone: 200 mm


Proven quality - polarity measured - marked strands >> white mark = negative pulse



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