16″ bass drum trigger system for 6 lugs



(New / Single Piece / B-stock)


Our bass-drum-trigger system can be used in almost any drum shell.

Additional drillings are not required, because the bass drum trigger system will be fixed by the lugs.

The trigger system will be delivered fully assembled and can be installed easily. Technical knowledge is not required, you only need to deal with screwdriver and spanner. It does not have to be soldered, because the trigger system is already equipped with a lockable 6,3 mm jack (by Neutrik). Simply install the bass drum trigger system into the drum shell and it's done.

Thanks to our special octagon bass drum trigger best triggering results and acoustic feeling can be achieved. The so-called tennis racket effect is almost completely eliminated.

If necessary a bass drum which is equipped with this trigger system can always be builded back to it's original acoustic state.

... Compatible with all drum modules and manufacturers !!!

After purchase, we need the following data:

1. Distance between the two threaded holes of one of the tuning lugs (from hole center to hole center)

2. Distance between the bearing edge and one of the first holes of the tuning lugs inside the shell (from top of the bearing edge to hole center)

This data are required so that everything fits well and nothing is left to chance, because some drums drop out of the norm.


>> Handcrafted in Germany <<


Production time to shipping: for usual 20 to 30 working days after receipt of payment



Manual (German)



Optional accessories:


Air vent connector


(Single Piece / B-stock)

250,00 €