R-DRUMS- RTB crossbar dual trigger system manual

Step 1


Remove two opposite lugs of the batter side.



Step 2



Remove the two holding brackets by loosening the screws.

Step 3




Now attach the two brackets to the inner wall of the drum shell by using the lugs and the included  screws. But do not tighten the screws yet. The brackets still have to be moveable.

Step 4


Now you can attach the trigger bar with the previously removed screws and washers on the holding brackets.


Do not screw the trigger bar fixed to the brackets, tighten only finger tight.


Notice at this step that the trigger cone is aligned centrally.


The piezo for rim detection should be on the side facing the drummer.


Step 5


Now adjust the height and tighten the  holding brackets and the lugs by using the included screws to the drum shell.


Caution! Do not overtighten!


The tip of the cone trigger should protrude 1.5 mm beyond the bearing edges (put a long rigid ruler over the bearing edges).


Step 6


Check once again whether the trigger cone is centered (if necessary, readjust) and fix the trigger bar to the holding brackets by the screws to get a form closure.



Check the height of the cone once again, put a mesh head on, plug it in and ready.