Piezo pickup / 31 mm / high sensitive (4 pieces)

High-quality special piezo elements
We recommend these piezoelectric elements for use as structure-borne sound microphone, not as a drum trigger.

This piezos are perfect for use as pickup for acoustic instruments with sound box (stompbox, cajon, calimba, guitar, violin, cello, sansula, monochord and many more)



20 mm piezo ceramic /31 mm spring steel disc / 0,1 mm thickness


Pigtail about 120 mm / cross section AWG 28/0,08 qmm

Frequency range: 10 Hz – 25.000 Hz

Impedance: > 100 kOhm

Capacity equivalence: about 48.000 pF


Industrial soldered under inert gas atmosphere. Solder joints sealed.



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