KP-2 kick pad conversion kit / for Alesis and Fame RealHead kick pad



With or without soldering, just as you like.


Suitable for the bass drum pad of the Alesis DM10 electronic drum set as well as those of the Fame DD-8600 PRO



This conversion kit allows to convert the bass drum pads of Alesis and Fame into mesh head pads. The conversion decreases the volume and improves the feel and the trigger properties significantly.


The wires of the original piezo have to be severed and the inner workings of the pad have to be removed completely. Then the conversion kit can be installed according to instructions. You can solder the new wires to the socket or you can use the included crimp connectors to use the two original wires. After that the supplied three layer mesh head needs to be attached and the bass drum pad is ready for professional use.



Also suitable for double pedals!



Scope of delivery


Special trigger cone + attachment device


Crimp connectors for electrical connection without soldering


Self-adhesive cable clamp for fixing the wires inside the pad


3-ply mesh head (white)



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